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Natal, the City of the Sun, (you can take this literally, with 3000 hours of sunshine a year), is a major tourist destination in Brazil. The luxurious Beach House is situated between Parambuzios and Buzios beach, with its majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean and cooling sea breezes.

20 min from Augusto Severo International Airport, Natal
20 min from Ponta Negra and the city centre of Natal
20 min by 4x4 to Pipa.

Parambuzios Beach is located in a fancy neighbourhood. (Which makes the beach almost a private beach during weekdays) Another great advantage of this beach is that it has a natural reef which makes it one big natural swimming pool. You can catch your own lobster at low tide. (or simply buy it from one of the fishermen around, might save you some effort, especially for someone who's on holiday)

Map Of Location To The House, Pipa And Natal - Brasil - Natal - Beach House
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